Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Journey To University: Volume 1

Inspired by abzfabz

My journey to uni hasn't been smooth running as in some cases. I didn't get all 5 offers. I only got 1 offer for the course of my choice to a uni I didn't really want to go to, and another offer for a course I didn't want to do but to a uni I really liked. Like many a level students I found sixth form hard. I mean I chose all the tough academic subjects. English Language which seemed a lot harder than I originally thought it would be, History which was actually not as enjoyable as I first though and Geography which was...well self explanatory. Anyhoo, AS year wasn't a great one for me in terms of exam results. I went from being an A student to E's. My actual AS results were CDEE (I had taken Psychology in AS year and hated it so that was an easy decision to make-DROP IT). I went through a really rough patch at sixth form after that. I cried during most lessons, didn't work as hard as I could and emotionally I just seemed defeated. However, I was lucky enough to have an amazing head of year (Mrs Daniels), who was more than happy to give me a pep talk and the advice I needed! This is where I met Penni and Shara Leigh, these 3 people (Shara Leigh, Penni and Mrs Daniels) who I thank for my overall a level results as without their support I don't think I would've done as well as I could've done.

Penni became a second mother and soon I was always popping in for chats about stuff that was going on in my life. May sound sad but those chats really helped give me the boost I needed on tough days. I don't think there will ever be enough words to say how thankful I am to them for not giving up on me. They knew I could do it and they were so happy for me that I eventually got what I wanted.

When I saw my A level results I remembered the first time I met Penni. I walked in booing my eyes out with Mrs Daniels' arm wrapped tightly around me. I think I stayed in Penni's office for 2 hours and I never stopped crying. After that I was slowly putting myself together and slowly but surely I began to work harder. I re-sat my exams...ALL OF THEM in January. Although, I didn't get the results I wanted again. Nevertheless I didn't give up! I got an E again in History in January and my teacher told me we would struggle to get a B overall. However on 15th August 2013 I found out that I finally got an A in that exam. I guess the saying 'Third time lucky' is right eh? I got BCD overall in my A levels and I couldn't be happier. I went through clearing ringing up the uni of my choice and securing an interview and on the day of interview I was offered a place at Leeds Trinity University to study Primary Education: Early Years. That was quite possibly one of the happiest moments of my life!

So as you can see not all journeys to university are smooth! Just remember that you should never give in because eventually you'll get what you want! Resilience and perseverance will serve you well with your step up to uni!

So finally, congratulations to everyone on their A level, AS level and GCSE results. I'm sure you all have bright futures ahead. Never give up on your dreams because if you want something bad enough you'll soon find a way to get there, it may not just be there road you envisioned taking!

Goodbye and remember;

"The rest is still unwritten"


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