Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Box set recommendation: Gilmore Girls

Hello Lovely Readers!

Summer is a great time for me to explore more of the Netflix library and find a new box set to get into! I know I know, you're probably thinking "why would you want to stay inside during the Summer?" Well I've done everything I could possibly want to do so far this holiday and I really enjoy catching up on a good box set before getting stuck into my resit placement come September!

When I first starting writing this blog post I was only on season 1 of Gilmore Girls. Now I'm finishing this draft I am on Season 7. It's taken me 3 weeks, which obviously means I've binged watched the series. It isn't new, however it is due to have a remake added to Netflix very soon.

I think Gilmore Girls is a programme that most people can relate to dealing with real life issues. I can relate to Lorelai sooooo much it is unreal. The whole 'man drama' she deals with is something we all have dealt with during our relationships (men and women). It's an easy going, fun, light-hearted rom com box set and if you're searching for something to sink your teeth into prepare to get addicted because you'll love this box set!

I don't want to say too much about storyline because then there would be no point in you watching it! It follows the lives of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Lorelai (Rory), through the years as they grow up and experience the difficulties and problems in their lives. It's really nice to see each season begin with a new year and see the new problems they face. I will definitely be sad when I finish all of the seasons and hope that the new remake comes soon!

The notable characters are played by Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and Melissa McCarthy. I love their characters and they really have made the series enjoyable. I couldn't imagine their characters played by other actresses, McCarthy is fabulous in everything she stars in and she really shines in her role.

Let me know if you watch this box set or decide to watch it! Would love to know your thoughts.

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