Monday, 10 August 2015

Moody Monday's Volume 19: BBQ Weather

Hello Bloggers! 

I am feeling a bit stuffed today. Lets just say that I've eaten well over the weekend! I have enjoyed the beautiful weather by having three, yes three BBQ's. I have to say I enjoyed every one of them. My Dad is a top barbecuer. Apart from having so much meat I could burst I have also been collating the items I will be taking with me to the new house. I am very very excited. Moving day could be as soon as Friday. I'm hoping that once I get my house all sorted I could do a cute tour video around my room and put it on YouTube. Then you could see how everything I have purchased fits into my new little home! 

As well as that I am currently working on a spending post showing you've everything I've bought recently, a haul yay! Hopefully, you'll like that when it's up. The weather turned a bit rubbish today. It's been on and off torrential rain, but it's a nice change as I was getting a bit too warm. Luckily I've stayed inside most of today. 

I have also restarted getting into COD (Call of Duty) again. It's terrible I know but I just couldn't help myself! Luke and I have been playing it together which is quite cute. I need everyone to know though that I am better than him obviously!

Speaking of Luke, yesterday we celebrated 6 months together. It has been difficult at times, but I take comfort in knowing every time we have a problem we can work it out and we are stronger for it. 

Back to food, I went for lunch with my friend Fran today at Harvester and can I just say that it was really lovely. I had the half roast chicken with chips and gravy and it was so tasty. For a cheap place to go I wasn't expecting much and yet it was a really nice afternoon treat. I will definitely be going again soon!

I will also be seeing Megan on Wednesday hopefully. It will be nice to see someone from Uni, seen as how I haven't really managed to see anyone over the holidays! A bit sad really. However, a catch up KFC and chat is much needed with Megan so it needs to happen soon!

I think I will cut it short there guys. Can I just lastly say thank you to you all for staying with me through this journey on my blog. I got a lovely message the other day and it really makes it all worth it when you tell me you still enjoy my posts. 

Love you all!

"The rest is still unwritten"


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