Friday, 6 March 2015

Favourite Friday: Brownies

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A few weeks ago I used my Great British Bake Off Book to create these amazing Brownies. I have been wanting to make Brownies again, however I needed to find a new recipe because the previous one was a really expensive way to make them. This recipe was much better (and easier) to use. I would definitely try it again! 

Even melting the chocolate looked good!
This wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing stage!
All of the ingredients I had in my kitchen cupboard at home, however I needed to go and buy chocolate for the chunks. I ended up putting white chocolate, milk chocolate chips and minstrels in mine. Unfortunately I didn't get to try one as everyone had eaten them all!

I used minstrels, chocolate drops and white chocolate chunks. You could add whatever you want in. I've used M&M's before which were really cool as the colours ran.
In total I think they made about 16 brownies! Definitely enough for a small party, gathering, family and friends.

This is when the mixture is really stodgy and sticky. Really difficult to coax it all out of the mixing bowl without wasting anything!
I have my eye on a few other recipes from this book so hopefully I will be able to show you how they all turn out. 

The finished product- mmm. Warm brownies smell heavenly!

Did you get any cookbooks and if so have you practiced any new recipes?

The image from the Great British Bake Off Book.

The recipe I used.
"The rest is still unwritten"


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