Monday, 27 October 2014

1989 Era is here

Hello Bloggers!

Taylor Swift's album came out today and yes thanks to my bestie Megan I know have a copy. This was without a doubt going to be my focus for today's Music Monday!

The look
Firstly can we please just focus on how good the album looks?! I adore the polaroids that come inside the Deluxe Version. Megan and I agreed that this album felt a lot more personal. Even Taylor herself refers to this in the foreword:

These songs were once about my life. They are now about yours”.

It may sound silly but even just handwritten parts on the polaroids make it feel more personal. The polaroids capture Taylor in different moments and you feel drawn in to be part of that with her. This makes the album and for us as fans it feels like we are part of her history. This is now her 5th album and loyal ‘swifties’ have been here supporting her through it. For us this is a milestone marking a memorable moment being referred to as the ‘1989 era’.

The sound
This is Taylor’s full pop album and I wasn’t a fan at first. I loved Taylor for her cute country songs about boys and growing up, however after listening to 1989 I have changed my opinion. I love the 80s vibe. I’ve always been a fan of 80s music I’ve grown up with it as my mum always had 80s music playing in the car. For Taylor to bring out this album it feels vintage and completely different to all the other pop songs in the chart currently. When looking at all her albums you can definitely see how she’s grown as an artist and as a person. There aren’t as many collaborations with vocals in terms of collaborators, for example Imogen Heap, getting solo parts. In a way I think this adds to this album being personal especially as it is about Taylor’s life. With the writing she has collaborated with so many artists I love specifically Ryan Tedder (how gorgeous though?!) he has had so much success as a singer and a songwriter. I think Taylor made such a good choice getting him on board with the album.

The songs
I can't say I have favourites at the minute, as I've only listened to the album once so far (assignments are due in this week guys so I'm up to my eyeballs in work). In time though favourites will stand out to me. If I have to choose some from the first play I would choose; Blank Space, Out of the Woods, Shake it Off, Bad Blood and How You Get The Girl, Style. 

My firm favourites are Blank Space and Style so far. 

This album seems to be getting positive raving reviews and it’s hardly surprising. She’s gone from being a cute country star to a pop princess and I am still a big fan. The album was worth every penny and I would recommend everyone to buy it if you’re into 80s pop.
I would urge that the Deluxe physical copy is worth a buy. It may seem like a lot of money, however when you see the polaroids and the lyric booklet you will agree that it is worth the extra money!
The Deluxe album gives 13 tracks, 3 bonus tracks, 3 songwriting voice memos, polaroids encased in a cute box with a lyric booklet. The best way to describe the look is definitely something you would see in Urban Outfitters! 

Hope you enjoyed this review guys! If you buy the album let me know what you think! 


"The rest is still unwritten"


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