Monday, 15 September 2014

Getting organised

I'm about to start my second year of University and I think it's about time I organised my blog. I've decided to theme days and organise when I'm posting.

Monday- on Mondays there will be a music related post every week. This could be anything from a gig I've been to, band recommendation or a new suggested playlist. I will try and post at 5pm everyday, however this might be hard when I start back at Uni as I'll just finish a lecture at 5.

Thursday- Ramble Thursdays. I might tackle an issue and put my opinion across about something. I might decide to give advice for Uni or I might review something! Again this will be at 5pm and I will try and stick to this.

Food Fridays- this might not be every week, however when it's possible I will post something about a new restaurant I visited and review it. Maybe even a new recipe I've tried. These will again be posted at 5pm.

Sometimes during the week I might decide to post another random post but I think for now 2/3 a week is something to aim for!

I hope that having these 'theme' days it will give my blog more direction and allow this blog to appeal to more people. I'm determined to put more effort into my blog and dedicate a bit more time to it because I do enjoy writing it.

The new blog will be up at 5pm for Music Mondays.

"The rest is still unwritten"


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