Sunday, 29 June 2014

Live at Leeds: We Were Evergreen

Live At Leeds
Venue- Brudenell Social Club
Date- Saturday 3rd May 2014

I've raved about this act before but I had to see them again. They were playing Brudenell Social Club at 3pm. I caught the train and after a quick trek up to the venue I stepped into a very dark room where WWE were on stage sound checking. It wasn't busy when I arrived so I was able to get a good spot. Michael (lead singer) came over and had a chat because he remembered me which was nice. After a few problems with getting equipment to work etc WWE finally started their 30mins set at 3.10pm. Their new album 'Towards' was coming out Monday so this was their chance to showcase this in order to get more people interested in their music. Before I realised it there was quite a large crowd of people around me. It was nice to see everyone getting involved and having a dance (I like to dance so I didn't look like a nutter)! WWE's chemistry on stage is refreshing and their stage presence is mesmerising. They have so much fun up there and they give everything they can when performing. When looking at the diverse line up Live at Leeds had to offer this year WWE fit right in. Not many bands grouped a ukulele, xylophone and keyboard together, amongst other instruments. I don't think people understand how many different instruments the band use when performing but seeing them live is unbelievable. They're able to utilise every instrument in their reach and execute it perfectly. You only have 30mins to show the crowd what you have and WWE did not disappoint! They left the stage to numerous cheers and chants having definitely won us over and gaining themselves more fans. I don't blame them! It's hard not to be intoxicated by their indie-electro pop tunes. Not to mention their energy when on stage!

In summary I'm so glad I got to see WWE again as I bought their album (which is seriously good) and Michael kindly signed it for me. They were my first act of the day and definitely one of my favourites!

Did any of you see WWE? Or go to Live at Leeds? 

This is my first post of my weekend at Live at Leeds so I'll be posting everyday so make sure you keep an eye out for my other posts! 

I took pictures and videos which were uploaded to my Instagram: meggles95
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