Sunday, 11 May 2014

Making choices

Recently I've had this drive to forgive anyone who's ever done something wrong to me. I don't know why exactly this is but I just felt in order to start a fresh with my life and since I'd had a good year so far I wanted to let bygones by bygones. It's strange that I forgave my ex for how our relationship ended. He needed me to forgive him. I felt I could. I mean I've moved on and I'm happy and what he did has enabled me to become more confident and pursue the things I want. I was able to express my feelings to the guy I wanted to be with and although it took a while we're together now.

Making choices has been hard for me recently. Forgiveness, for me anyway, is something I don't do easily. I usually just forget about the person but I felt that I was mature enough to speak to these people again and sort out our problems. Making choices with regards to my relationship has been hard. My emotions have been all over the place recently and my boyfriend wasn't making situations easy for me. I had to make a choice whether I needed to say something or let it play out. I made the choice to talk things over and surprisingly it worked in my favour and so far things are going well. I think letting situations play out can be beneficial in certain circumstances, but ladies let's be honest when it comes to men we have to spell it out! At the end of the day they're men and they don't understand women as well as they may think they do! This does annoy me sometimes but after a few deep breaths and some 'me' time I'm able to deal with situations easily and I think that makes me and my boyfriend stronger. 

I have a lot of big choices to make with regards to my teaching degree. Tomorrow I start my 6 week placement and I have to be honest I'm scared. This will be my first time teaching and I just want everything to go ok. I don't mind if a few things go wrong but I just want to pass. I know I won't be perfect yet I mean if I was then why am I studying at Uni?! I think having this reasonable mind set has helped me feel calmer about my impending placement and hopefully it will help me deal with my nerves better. I enjoy planning lessons almost as much as I enjoy teaching them. 

Have you any important choices to make? Is there one you're struggling with? If there is keep calm and maybe talk to someone you're close with. Maybe they have been through the same as you at some point. Getting another person's opinion on the matter definitely helps put things in perspective! I've been talking with my friends a lot about my relationship and other problems and it helped me. Equally I'd like to think they could do the same with me. After all that's what friends are for! 

Hope you found this blog post interesting or helpful in some way. Tomorrow will be the start of my Music Week, where I am posting my Live at Leeds adventures! 

"The rest is still unwritten"


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