Saturday, 15 March 2014

March Favourites

This month's favourites will be a mixture of random things that I am currently loving. They're not all new things but if I'm still loving them in March then they must be good.

TV Shows
The new series started last night on Channel 4 and I am so glad it's back. This is one of my favourite shows and sadly I feel like you get to know the families on there so much that they become like your own. The way they watch TV is exactly how me and my family watch it. Steph and Dom are my favourite and I first watched them when I saw them on Four in a Bed. If you haven't watched Gogglebox then I suggest you go and watch at least an episode because you'll be hooked afterwards! 

2. The Tomorrow People
I am slowly making my way through this series and although it has roughly the same storyline as every sci-fi/fantasy TV show for teens I still love it. I think it's a guilty pleasure of mine. The main character, Stephen, is incredibly attractive and luckily he is required for several topless scenes (thank god) so a must watch for us girls! It's about a group of people who have psionic powers that they have as a result of human evolution. They have powers called the 3 T's (Telepathy, Telekinesis and Teleportation). The series follows the lives of these people and about the battles they face in everyday life to reach this 'safe' place. If this is your type of thing then give it a go! You can watch it online.

3. The Smoke 
A British drama made for Sky 1. Now the first episode shocked me as a lot was fit into a 45 minute programme (once you take adverts away). However, I stuck with it and I've just finished episode 4 and I'm hooked. I can't wait to watch the next one! Having a PJ day today has enabled me to get through the episodes today. The series follows firefighters and their daily lives. It focuses on the main firefighter 'Kev' who was involved in a bad fire in the first episode and how his life changes and he becomes used to his injuries. I won't tell you too much otherwise it won't shock you like it did me. 

4. The Office 
The boyfriend brought this over and has been trying to get me through the episodes. Now although I don't like to admit it to him it is quite funny. He has the box set so slowly we are making our way through it as he attempts to get me to watch all the things he loves that I have missed out on. 

1. About Time 
So although Rais is trying to get me to watch more of his stuff this is actually one of the best movies he could've picked for me. I love Rom-Com's even though I hate to admit it! This was the right amount of perfect and funny all rolled into one. So if you're looking for a cute film to curl up with your other half on the sofa then this could be the one!

1. Ministry Of Sound: Anthems 90s
I've had this CD ages and I've uploaded it to my iPod and since I've been in the car a lot I rely on this! It has all my guilty pleasures on it and leaves me in a good mood and a craving to go out! 

So this month I've been really busy baking lots and lots of cakes! Lemon Drizzle, butterfly buns and chocolate buns etc etc! I enjoy baking and then taking them round for people to eat which is what I've been doing for the last 2 weeks because of placement.

So I'll keep this month's favourites short and sweet! I'm back at Uni next week...yay.

"The rest is still unwritten"


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